Touching Up a Cigar When it Isn’t Burning Correctly

Cigars are the perfect form of tobacco when it comes to celebrating big events or sitting back with a close friend. Luxury cigars go beautifully with quality conversations from close friends or family. When you’re enjoying small puffs from your cigars, you may notice that the burn begins to slow down. Now, this might be… read more

What Makes a Cigar Premium

Finding a cigar that you enjoy can be challenging to do. With as many different companies making them, and the countless cigars that have been produced, it’s not uncommon to make a few mistakes when you’re purchasing your first few cases of cigars. After a while, however, you want to know that the cigars you’re… read more

How to Ship Cigars Safely

Cigars are one of the best items that you can gift to someone. While it’s preferred that you’re able to smoke the cigar with the person that you’re gifting it to, that’s not always the case. At times, you have prior engagements that keep you from attending a celebration or the person that you want… read more

Tips on Developing Your Cigar Palate

As with most things, it can be easy to find the one cigar that you like and stick to it. As the saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken? If you’ve found a cigar that you like, congratulations! It’s exciting to find the brand and blend that you absolutely love. We do, however, challenge you… read more

How to Get the Most Flavor Out of a Cigar

Cigars are unlike other forms of tobacco, primarily because of the complex flavors that are incorporated into the construct of the cigar. Though these flavors are something that most people anticipate when smoking a cigar, very few people realize how to get the most flavor out of a cigar until they’re told otherwise. Oliva cigars… read more

A Breakdown of Aging Cigars

The bold and memorable flavors that are enjoyed when smoking a cigar are thanks to high-quality tobacco leaves and aging process. Through proper storage and an understanding of aging cigars, you can ensure that flavor is one of the most enjoyable parts of your cigars. At Oliva Cigars, we age our cigars to perfection to… read more

Different Types of Humidors You Can Invest In

How you store a cigar plays a big part in the flavor and construct of the cigar when you come around to enjoying it. Because of the tobacco leaves that are used to make a hand-rolled cigar, the temperature and humidity levels that these cigars in will not only risk them becoming overly moist or… read more

Three Things You Won’t See Regular Cigar Smokers Doing

Smoking cigars is enjoyable, and it’s something that having learned about the process of creating a quality cigar, you enjoy even more. When smoking cigars becomes something that you do on a routine basis, you learn more and more about how you can enjoy every component of the cigar. From the tobacco leaves used to… read more

Tips for Storing Your Cigars

Whether you’ve been gifted cigars or you’re recognizing the delicacy of having cigars on hand, one of the factors that you need to be conscious of is how you’re planning to store your cigars. At Oliva Cigars, we know that the quality of a cigar will be comprised of a few different things. From the… read more

Perfect Pairings of Cigars & Drinks

Celebrations call for cigars and drinks but finding the perfect pairing can be difficult to do. Once you’ve invested in hand-rolled Oliva cigars, half the battle is done. Now all that’s left is finding a drink that you know will pair beautifully. The good news is, spirts and wine go perfectly with cigars, so there… read more