What Makes a Cigar Premium

Finding a cigar that you enjoy can be challenging to do. With as many different companies making them, and the countless cigars that have been produced, it’s not uncommon to make a few mistakes when you’re purchasing your first few cases of cigars. After a while, however, you want to know that the cigars you’re buying are high-quality and enjoyable.


At Oliva Cigars, construction has always been a primary concern for our family. We want to provide you with the very best cigars available, and we’ve been able to perfect our method over time. In our blog post today, we’re going to touch on a few of the factors that separate your standard cigar from a premium cigar.

Tobacco Leaves

Without a doubt, one of the biggest differentiators of cigar quality will be the leaves that are used throughout the construction process. Tobacco leaves are going to be used regardless of the cigar, but if the quality is lacking in the leaves, the quality will be lacking in the overall cigar. You hear a lot of people mention the source of the leaves when talking about tobacco leaves, and that’s because it makes a difference.


Cuban tobacco plants are known for having one of the more bold flavors that cigars can offer. Oliva cigars are made with Cuban seed tobacco plants but grown in Nicaragua where the soil and atmosphere provide precisely what the plants need to thrive. That being said, we have found a way to provide our customers with the enjoyable flavors of your standard Cuban cigar, but we’ve also been able to improve them along the way.


As you begin to search for your next pack of cigars, you’ll want to educate yourself on the types of tobacco leaves that were used for the cigar. Not only will this impact the taste of the cigar, but it will change the composition and the way that you need to store them. Finding tobacco leaves that speak to your preference of flavor could also take some time, but once you find what you like, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Construct & Composition

The construction of all products will make a huge difference in the overall quality. This is true for clothing, cars, furniture, and cigars. When you’re searching for a premium cigar, you will always want to learn more about the construct and composition of the cigar. Every cigar is made up of a few different layers: the filler, the binder, and the wrapper. Depending on how thick of a cigar you’re looking for, the cigar will offer various types of tobacco leaves to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience.


If you’re still working on finding the type of cigar that suits your flavor preferences, then you may be more drawn to the long cigars that are on the thinner side. These cigars will still have the three pieces we just mentioned, but they’re more than likely going to be made from the same tobacco plant, and will have fewer layers overall. Thick cigars, on the other hand, will provide you with those same three components but will often be constructed from at least a couple of tobacco plant leaves to offer you a variety of complex flavors.


Learning about the company that you’re considering buying cigars from is the first step to gaining an understanding of the cigars that you’re about to purchase and how they’re constructed. In our next point, we’re going to touch a little bit more on the construct of cigars and how the process can also determine the quality.

Hand Rolled

We’ve just finished talking a little bit about how the construction process of a cigar can greatly affect the flavor of a cigar, but could also determine whether or not a cigar is considered premium. When you talk about a hand-rolled cigar, you know that there is some serious time and efforts being put into the composition of the cigar that you’re going to be smoking.


When you’re differentiating between a standard cigar and a premium cigar, you will want to take into consideration how this cigar was made. Most cheaply made cigars will be made in some factory where they are put in an assembly line to make your typical cigar. Hand-rolled cigars, on the other hand, will require extensive knowledge and understanding of how a quality cigar is made. It will call for an individual to select only the best of the tobacco leaves available to use for the creation of the cigar.


Hand-rolled cigars are also going to look differently at first glance because they are created with quality in mind. You’ll notice the difference in the way they taste as well. All of the efforts that are made to make a hand-rolled cigar are beyond noticeable when you finally have the chance to sit back and smoke it.


The last point that we’re going to cover in today’s post is the flavor of the cigar. This is easily one of the most noticeable parts of quality when comparing one cigar to the next. Aging is how tobacco leaves get to their ideal level of ripeness, making them exactly what a high-quality cigar needs.


Though there are plenty of high-quality cigars that are young, a majority of the premium cigars that you consider purchasing are going to be aged to perfection. These premium cigars will have a bolder flavor because of the aging that has happened with the tobacco plants, their leaves, and the storing after the cigar has been made. The aging process as a whole is one that takes quite a bit of time and understanding of cigars, so it’s not something that’s going to happen for cigars that are on the cheaper end.


If you are looking for a cigar that is perfect for a celebration or to enjoy when the time is right, the flavor is going to be a significant component. For that reason, the aged cigars that have time and efforts supporting their taste are considered premium. They are going to be drastically more enjoyable than cigars with little to no efforts made towards their composition, quality and, in turn, the flavor.

Try an Oliva Cigar

If you’re looking for a cigar that takes all of the pieces that we’ve mentioned above into account, then it’s time for you to try an Oliva cigar. Our business has been in the family for decades and has been passed from family member to family member to ensure that it continues to stand for what it was founded upon. We always strive to provide premium cigars to all of our customers, and it’s time that you try one for yourself. Browse the list of locations that offer Oliva cigars for purchase, and try one out today!