The Best Alcoholic Beverages to Pair With Cigars

As a cigar enthusiast, you know that when there’s an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a cigar, you jump on it. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a cigar is by pairing it with a tasty alcoholic beverage. Aside from the fact that the flavors pair beautifully with one another, you really can’t… read more

Gifts to Give Your Groomsmen

When you choose the men that you want to stand by your side during your wedding ceremony, you are challenged to think about the men that support you the most and that you can always count on. For most men, this is an easy decision to make, and the guys that they choose are individuals… read more

Best Occasions for Smoking Cigars

You don’t always need an excuse to smoke a cigar, but when the occasion comes calling, you might as well be ready. In today’s blog, we are going to cover a few of the best occasions to enjoy a cigar. Hopefully, this insight provides you with some guidance so that you can prepare for any… read more

Learning Your Way Around a Cigar Shop

When you want to find a new cigar to enjoy, the one place that you can always count on finding one will be at the cigar shop. Similar to a liquor store, cigar shops are designed to make it easy for enthusiasts and new smokers alike to find the products that correlate with their pallet.… read more

6 Things All Cigar Smokers Should Know – Part 2

Welcome back to the two-part series talking about six things that all cigar smokers should know. In our last blog post, we covered three significant parts of cigars that makes the opportunity to smoke them all the sweeter. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to cover some of the pieces of information that we believe to… read more

How to Host a Cigar Party

A cigar party is a great way to celebrate big events like purchasing a new house, getting a long-awaited promotion, a birthday celebration, and a handful of other things. When you’re friends with people that love cigars, you can count on two things: people that love to indulge in wonderful things, and a great time.… read more

6 Things All Cigar Smokers Should Know

Becoming a cigar enthusiast, regardless of how long you’ve been smoking, is a very complicated hobby to take on. The cigar world is built up of various options that can make it confusing to find a high-quality cigar that you truly enjoy smoking. From the different brands that are making cigars to the personalities that… read more

Why Cigar Enthusiasts Should Attend Cigar Events — At Least Once!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen festivals, expos and conventions pop up for all sorts of different things. From bacon and beer festivals to mac and cheese and whiskey, there’s an event being hosted for all things that people are passionate about. While we aren’t always accepting of the fads that society comes… read more

A Cigar Lovers Gift Guide

Cigar lovers are one of the easiest groups of people to find gifts for. Whether it’s for the holidays or a birthday, there are dozens of great gifts that you can get with the guarantee that they’ll appreciate and love them. If you’re not entirely sure what it is the cigar lover in your life… read more

How to Season a New Humidor

Humidors are the best way to ensure that your premium cigars remain in the best condition possible. These devices provide your cigars with the levels of humidity and temperature that they need to maintain their flavor and composition. When you’ve first invested in one, you will need to ensure that it’s ready for use before… read more