How to Host a Cigar Party

A cigar party is a great way to celebrate big events like purchasing a new house, getting a long-awaited promotion, a birthday celebration, and a handful of other things. When you’re friends with people that love cigars, you can count on two things: people that love to indulge in wonderful things, and a great time. When you combine the two, you wind up with a cigar party.

Cigar parties are a blast, especially when planned correctly. If you’re interested in hosting a cigar party but you’ve never hosted one before, keep reading! Here at Oliva Cigars, we love being a staple in cigar parties, and we hope to be a staple in yours. Let’s dive into a few of the ways that you can prepare and host the best cigar party.

Determine a Theme

Some may think that themed parties are no longer cool, but a theme can really make a difference in how well you plan your cigar party. For that reason, we suggest starting your planning by determining what the theme of your party is going to be. Before you start ordering tiki lights and hula skirts, we should clarify on the type of theme that we mean.

Deciding to do a scotch or whiskey tasting as the theme of your party is a simple way to introduce a tasteful selection of alcohol to your party while giving your guests something to look forward to. Like we mentioned earlier, though, your theme could simply be the new home that you’ve purchased. That takes very little effort in regards to a theme, but you’ve still got a reason to throw the party — as if you needed one in the first place.

The Guest List

As with all events that you’re hosting, the guest lists is the next step. Now that you have a theme for your party and a date that you’re going to be hosting it on, it’s time to determine who is invited. Whether you decide to make an electronic invite, give them a call or send an invitation in the mail, let your guests know about the party. Make sure to share the party theme with them and any additional information that they’re going to need, too.

Get the Beverages

Cigars pair perfectly with various types of alcohol. From aged barrel whiskey to fine wine, there is a large selection of beverages that you can choose to serve at your party. Depending on the guests that you’re going to be inviting, you may want to purchase a small selection of everything or a large order of one specific beverage. Either way, make sure that the beverage of choice is one that will go nicely with the cigars that you’re going to have at your party.

Not sure if your choice in beverage pairs nicely? Check out this blog post where we talk about the different alcoholic drinks that pair nicely with cigars.

Once you’ve decided what type of beverage that you’re going to be serving, find a nice way to serve it up. Make sure that you have the right type of glassware to serve the beverages. If you’re looking for ways to spice up the drinks, find a fun way to garnish them that works right into your theme.

The Meal

Every good cigar party has some sort of tasty meal prepared to enjoy. Whether you decide to prepare a full blown meal or you select a few delicious appetizers for your guests to enjoy, choosing a selection of tasty items is one of the final things that you need to do in regards to planning the perfect cigar party.

A major factor in deciding whether you should cook a full meal or prepare appetizers for the group will be how many people you’ve decided to invite. Larger groups of people will require more food, which is what makes choosing appetizers such a fantastic option. If you have a more intimate group that will be attending your cigar party, planning a full dinner can make for a more formal event and add a special component to your party as a whole.

The Cigars

One of the most important aspects of a cigar party, without a doubt, will be the cigars. There are countless types of cigars that you can choose from, but if you’re hosting a party, you want to make sure that you have a small selection for your guests to choose from. More importantly, you want to make sure that the cigars that you’re going to have for your guests are of the highest quality.

Cigar parties are intended to provide cigar enthusiasts with some time to sit with friends, chat, enjoy delicious drinks and a tasty meal, and smoke fantastic cigars. For that reason, you want to make sure that each of the steps that we’ve covered above is taken care of.

When it comes to finding the right cigars for your party, you can always count on Oliva Cigars. We’ve created high-quality cigars for years and are happy to offer our hand-rolled cigars at a wide selection of vendors. If you’re interested in learning more about where you can purchase Oliva Cigars in a store near you, click here and we’ll lead you to the closest vendor.

We hope that today’s blog post has provided you with some insight on how you can plan the best cigar party, and we’ll wait for our invitation!