OLIVA CIGARS PROUDLY PRESENTS THEIR LATEST PROJECT.   Together with you we want to go for a better world and give everyone the much needed educational opportunities that they deserve. That is why Oliva Cigars proposes ‘Escuala Oliva’. A wonderful project for which we, as a company want to commit ourselves. Learn more about them… read more

The Oliva Legacy

Oliva is much more than a cigar brand, it is a family. Beginning in the late 1800’s, when Melanio Oliva planted his first crop, Cuba was just coming into its own as a producer of world class tobacco. At Oliva Cigars, we are committed to continuing the legacy handed down from generation to generation, and… read more

The Best Alcoholic Beverages to Pair With Cigars

As a cigar enthusiast, you know that when there’s an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a cigar, you jump on it. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a cigar is by pairing it with a tasty alcoholic beverage. Aside from the fact that the flavors pair beautifully with one another, you really can’t… read more

Gifts to Give Your Groomsmen

When you choose the men that you want to stand by your side during your wedding ceremony, you are challenged to think about the men that support you the most and that you can always count on. For most men, this is an easy decision to make, and the guys that they choose are individuals… read more

Best Occasions for Smoking Cigars

You don’t always need an excuse to smoke a cigar, but when the occasion comes calling, you might as well be ready. In today’s blog, we are going to cover a few of the best occasions to enjoy a cigar. Hopefully, this insight provides you with some guidance so that you can prepare for any… read more

Learning Your Way Around a Cigar Shop

When you want to find a new cigar to enjoy, the one place that you can always count on finding one will be at the cigar shop. Similar to a liquor store, cigar shops are designed to make it easy for enthusiasts and new smokers alike to find the products that correlate with their pallet.… read more

What to Consider When Purchasing a New Lighter

In order to truly enjoy the cigars that you purchase, you need a lighter that makes it easy to light up your cigars while still keeping them intact. It might not seem like something that requires too much thought, right? All lighters are created the same. That is, however, not the case. When purchasing a… read more

Cigar Smoking Celebrities

Having the chance to enjoy a few puffs of a quality cigar is something that everyone enjoys. Even some well-known celebrities are known to be cigar enthusiasts. Whether they’ve been spotted enjoying a tasty cigar or they have some other tie to the cigar world, we can’t help but get excited over some of the… read more

Tips For Your First Visit to a Cigar Shop

Visiting a cigar shop is one of the best ways to really get an idea of the different types of cigars that you can enjoy. Whether you’re a relatively new smoker or you are looking for the next cigar that you would like to indulge in, your first trip to a cigar shop can be… read more