The Best Alcoholic Beverages to Pair With Cigars

As a cigar enthusiast, you know that when there’s an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a cigar, you jump on it. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a cigar is by pairing it with a tasty alcoholic beverage. Aside from the fact that the flavors pair beautifully with one another, you really can’t beat the level of relaxation that this combination has to offer.

If you’ve been dying to pair cigars with an alcoholic beverage, the good news is that there are so many options that you can take advantage of. Whether you prefer sweet wines or flavorful whiskeys, we have got you covered. Keep reading for a few of our favorite pairings to see what ingredients you should gather so that you can find your favorite pairing.

Coffee Cocktails

One of the more surprising alcoholic beverages that pair well with cigars are the cocktails that include a touch of coffee. Whether it’s Kahlua and coffee or a chilled White Russian, these types of drinks are known for being utterly delicious alongside a bold and flavorful cigar. If you are partial to Irish cream, adding a splash of that into a cup of coffee (either warm or chilled) is a great way to really bring out the many flavors of the cigar. This is definitely a combination that takes your cigar smoking experience to the next level.


The alcoholic beverage that first comes to mind when people think of cigar pairings is scotch, and there’s a reason for that. Scotch is an alcoholic beverage that will not only enhance the cigar smoking experience, but it will compliment it. One of the reasons that this is such a great pairing is because of how bold the flavors in scotch are. They certainly can’t compete with even the strongest of cigars. While this is a pairing that most people will stand by, it’s similar to cigars in that scotch often requires an acquired taste. If you’re partial to it, you might as well give this pairing a try!

Vodka Martini

Now a day, when you think of a martini, there are countless options that might come to mind. We’re taking it back to the classic vodka martini when we touch on this pairing. The primary reason that this makes such a great pair is that there is so much alcohol in a vodka martini that you know there’s no way it’s going to be overpowered by a strong cigar. Given that the flavors of each piece can be so bold, having a simple yet powerful drink to compliment the cigar is definitely a great way to unwind and enjoy the experience.

IPA Beer

If you’re paying attention to the pairings so far, you might have caught on to one of the significant factors that makes for a great pairing: flavor. With cigars having such bold and robust flavors, you don’t want to create a pairing where the alcoholic beverage is entirely overpowered. Now, if you are someone that loves a good beer, you should know that there are plenty of beers that also pair well with cigars. While it might not be your common wheat or Kolsch beer, a flavorful IPA is a great option to take advantage of. In the case that you don’t enjoy drinking liquor, this is definitely something you can take advantage of in terms of pairing.

Pair With Oliva Cigars

Whatever it may be that you’re wanting to pair with, make sure that you’re turning to high-quality cigars that you know are going to be enjoyable. Oliva cigars are hand wrapped and made with quality in mind. Our tobacco plants are grown from Cuban seeds in the rich soil of Nicaragua. This ensures that the bold and unique flavor of Cuban tobacco plants is given the opportunity to thrive.

Regardless of if you pair your Oliva cigar with a dirty martini, a chilled coffee with Irish cream, or your favorite IPA beer, you know that you’re going to enjoy a pairing with incredible flavors. If you’re ready to start playing around with the various flavors, check out this list of local retailers that carry our hand-rolled cigars. Head on over and find a flavor that you are going to enjoy!