Cigar Smoking Celebrities

Having the chance to enjoy a few puffs of a quality cigar is something that everyone enjoys. Even some well-known celebrities are known to be cigar enthusiasts. Whether they’ve been spotted enjoying a tasty cigar or they have some other tie to the cigar world, we can’t help but get excited over some of the names that made the list!

Michael Jordan

Whoever said that smoking was bad for athletes clearly did not mean smoking cigars. Michael Jordan has been seen and photographed with a cigar in hand. More importantly, Jordan has admitted that he is an avid cigar smoker and has yet to meet a Cuban cigar he didn’t enjoy.

Robert Downey Jr.

The fact that Robert Downey Jr. loves smoking cigars doesn’t surprise us one bit. Aside from his cool guy personality that had us guessing he was a cigar enthusiast, RDJ has been seen on multiple movie sets with a cigar in hand. Again, this should be no surprise! This guy radiates with cool, and we know that means that he enjoys a fine cigar every once in a while.

Jack Nicholson

Another actor that we’re not surprised enjoys cigars is Jack Nicholson. Aside from having a fun personality that also manages to be relaxed, Nicholson has smoked a handful of cigars in movies that he’s played in, but has also been seen off puffing on a cigar. A majority of the time Nicholson is found smoking some high-quality Cubans.

Sylvester Stallone

When you’re dedicating your life to some of the most action-packed movies in history, you need some down time to decompress and unwind. Sylvester Stallone is one that continues to dedicate everything to the characters he plays, so it goes without saying that he needs some time to enjoy a quality cigar. Aside from enjoying the taste and smell of delicious cigars, Stallone says that he enjoys the culture and community that one gets to enjoy as a cigar smoker.


One of the most well-known individuals in the hip-hop world, Jay-Z can’t deny that he is a cigar enthusiast. Not only has he been photographed smoking high-quality cigars, but he has also been interviewed for Cigar Aficionado multiple times and even made a debut on the cover. This is another celebrity that is known for loving the taste of a well-made Cuban cigar, but it doesn’t stop there. Jay-Z has gone as far as creating his own line of cigars! Now that’s what we call love.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another actor and public figure that enjoys smoking cigars is Arnold Schwarzenegger. While some may think that his love for cigars is something only portrayed in movies, it goes way beyond that! Schwarzenegger has also been interviewed and photographed for Cigar Aficionado but has also been spotted in countless cigar clubs. Believe it or not, Schwarzenegger is easily one of the most well-known cigar-smoking celebrities.


We couldn’t complete this list without naming some incredible ladies who also love to indulge in a quality cigar. Rihanna is one of the many female celebrities that love to enjoy a cigar when she gets the chance. While there are certainly a handful of photographs showing off this passion that she has, you can also find her and Shakira enjoying some cigars in their music video “Can’t Remember to Forget You.”

Vanessa Williams

Another female that has been photographed multiple times is Vanessa Williams. This triple threat is known for her singing, acting and designing abilities. Aside from those three passions, you can add cigars to the list! This beautiful lady has been seen smoking a cigar on more than one occasion. We don’t blame her, it’s apparent that she has good taste!

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