Learning Your Way Around a Cigar Shop

When you want to find a new cigar to enjoy, the one place that you can always count on finding one will be at the cigar shop. Similar to a liquor store, cigar shops are designed to make it easy for enthusiasts and new smokers alike to find the products that correlate with their pallet.

With cigars from all over the world and tobacco leaves from a selection of different tobacco plants, cigar shops offer you the chance to enjoy a wide selection to learn about, smell, and purchase. Even though these cigar shops are designed to be places where you can quickly feel comfortable and ease into something that you’re passionate about, they can also be extremely overwhelming the first few times that you go in.

If you are only just starting to visit your local cigar shop, don’t let the number of cigars leave you overwhelmed. In today’s blog, we are going to provide you with a brief intro to a cigar shop so that you can easily find your way around once you walk in.

Search for The Right Store

One of the very first things that you’re going to need to do is narrow down the different cigar shops around you and settle on the one that intrigues you the most. Whether it’s the reviews that it has or the cigars that it’s known to carry, you want to make sure that you’re visiting a store that piques your interest.

An important note to make in regards to the stores that you choose to visit is that you want to find a store that is dedicated solely to selling cigars. While there are plenty of places where you can purchase a cigar (a liquor store, a gas station, tobacco outlets, etc.), takes these off the list and stick to stores that are solely for cigars.

Ask for Help

Again, cigar shops can be a little bit overwhelming if you’ve never stopped into one before. While it can be easy to turn down help when you first walk in, step out of your comfort zone and let the staff know that it’s your first time stopping in. They are going to be nothing but welcoming of first-time guests and will take this time to learn a little bit about you, your knowledge of cigars, and your preferences.

Aside from them being able to better point you in the direction of cigars that you are more likely to enjoy, they can also give you the rundown of how the store works. Every store is different, and it’s never a bad thing to get familiar with the way that the store you’re visiting is run.

One of the primary examples of this will be the humidors in the store. If you don’t see humidors, walk out and get back to the drawing board! Now, when there are humidors, there are times where you are totally fine to walk in without asking permission, but certain places require you to open the humidors with the help of a staff member. It’s always better to be safe and ask what the rules of the store are.

Find the Right Cigar

Let’s get to the fun part, finding the right cigar. Whether you’re a new smoker or you’re someone that likes to try new cigars when you get the chance, the process of finding the next cigar is definitely the most enjoyable part. When you walk into the cigar store, the goal is to find the right cigar.

As we mentioned earlier, if it is your first time visiting the store, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The staff is going to be able to direct you towards the cigars that you’re most likely to enjoy and provide you with endless information on the brand and the benefits of selecting that cigar.

Whether you spend five minutes in there or a couple of hours picking out the right cigar, every visit is different, and you can bet that you leave with new information and a desire to try a new cigar every time that you leave the cigar store.

Try Oliva Cigars

When you do finally go and visit your local cigar store, make sure that you find an Oliva cigar. Our hand-rolled cigars are made with Cuban tobacco plants grown in the rich soil of Nicaragua. Having been passed through our family, the craftsmanship of each cigar is something that we take very seriously. Browse the list of local vendors that carry Oliva cigars and make them one of your first cigar shop visits.