How to Get the Most Flavor Out of a Cigar

Cigars are unlike other forms of tobacco, primarily because of the complex flavors that are incorporated into the construct of the cigar. Though these flavors are something that most people anticipate when smoking a cigar, very few people realize how to get the most flavor out of a cigar until they’re told otherwise. Oliva cigars are intended to provide you with flavors that are complex and memorable, but if you’re not getting the most of the flavor your cigar has to offer, then some of that flavor is being wasted.


Today we want to touch on a few of the things that you can do to ensure that you’re getting the most flavor out of your cigar when it comes time to enjoy it.

Recognizing the Flavors in Your Cigar

Though cigars are known for having these bold flavors, there is a very small percentage of cigar smokers that immediately notice the complexity that they’re experiencing when they puff a luxury cigar. More often than not, it’s the smokers that have already expanded their pallet and understanding of flavors; they could be wine connoisseurs, chefs, or individuals who are already very familiar with complex flavors.


As we mentioned before, it’s a very small percentage of cigar smokers that can recognize these flavors right off the bat, so how can you start to enjoy, and make the most of the flavors that your cigar has to offer? Keep reading.

Don’t Smoke Too Quickly

Though cigars have plenty of other benefits to smoking them, one of the primary ones is going to be the flavors that it has to offer. If you’re smoking your cigar too quickly, you’re burning through the cigar and are likely missing many of those complex notes and flavors. Rather than smoke through the cigar quickly, try giving the cigar a couple of puffs so that you can really enjoy the cigar.


That being said, don’t take too many puffs in a row. Take a couple of puffs and let it sit for a while. This is also a form of over smoking. When you puff too often, your taste buds can entirely skip over the notes that the cigar is offering because they’re being exposed to it too often.


While it is a smoking product, you want to try and minimize the amount of smoke that you’re taking in. It shouldn’t be the equivalent to a cigarette. Allow for your draws and puffs to be enough to provide you with the flavor, but with minimal smoke inhalation.

Use Your Nose to Taste

This might sound silly to read, but it’s one of the best ways to really enhance the flavors that you’re getting from a cigar. When you think about it, the flavors that your tongue alone will pick up are going to be faint. It takes the pairing of both your nose and your taste buds to really bring a flavor, full circle. This doesn’t mean that you need to be exhaling smoke through your nose but simply allowing yourself to pick up the scents of the cigar as you’re smoking it will make a huge difference in the flavors that you’re picking up.

Reasons You Might Be Missing Flavors

Though there are times where altering the way that you’re smoking can enhance the flavors that you’re tasting, there are times where you might simply be dealing with alternate roadblocks that are making it difficult for you to enjoy the flavors. Let’s touch on a few of the reasons just briefly.

You Are a Regular Tobacco User

If you are someone that uses tobacco regularly, then you may struggle to pick up the unique, complex notes that are found in premium cigars. Though many people would guess quite the opposite for regular tobacco users, it’s the familiarity with tobacco, and it’s flavors that make it challenging to note the flavors that a cigar has to offer. This is true for cigarettes and chewing tobacco.


Again, this is something that very few people would ever think to associate with the ability to pick up the flavors of a cigar, but it does affect the experience that many people have. If your genetics lead to a nose that isn’t able to pick up as many scents or your taste buds are keen for being bland, then you may be missing out on the flavors of your cigar. This, however, is something that can’t be changed, so ensuring that you’re smoking your cigar correctly is going to be imperative.

Try Oliva Cigars Today

Flavor has, and will always be, one of the main reasons that people choose to smoke cigars. If you’re only picking up light hints of flavor when smoking a cigar, then we do suggest trying out a few of the tips that we’ve listed above. Truth be told, if you are not enjoying a full-bodied cigar when you smoke, then utilizing these tips and making the most of them will provide with you an entirely new experience — one that you’re sure to enjoy!


Oliva cigars are made from Cuban seeds and grown in Nicaragua where the plants are able to thrive. These tobacco leaves make for some of the most favorable and enjoyable cigars in the world. Check out the list of places that have Oliva cigars for sale and utilize the tips above to get the absolute most flavor from the hand-rolled, premium cigars that you’re enjoying.