Perfect Pairings of Cigars & Drinks

Celebrations call for cigars and drinks but finding the perfect pairing can be difficult to do. Once you’ve invested in hand-rolled Oliva cigars, half the battle is done. Now all that’s left is finding a drink that you know will pair beautifully. The good news is, spirts and wine go perfectly with cigars, so there are quite a few options that you can turn to when looking for the ideal pairing. Overall, it will mostly come down to your preference when drinking and the occasion that you’re taking into consideration.


If you’re struggling to find a starting place with the pairing, keep reading. We’re going to touch on a few of our favorite pairs in today’s blog post.

Bourbon & Scotch

One of the most common pairings that you’ll see with cigars will be a nice bourbon or scotch. Small batches of single barrel bourbon or single malt scotch are incredibly delicious when paired with a high-quality cigar. These two spirits both offer the complexity and boldness in terms of flavor that pair perfectly with a cigar. If you’re going to be pairing either bourbon or scotch with one of our Oliva hand-rolled cigars, you’re going to want to make sure that complexity is a component of the spirit you’re choosing; otherwise, it’s very likely that the cigar will overpower the spirit.

Classic Martini’s

Martini’s are known for their bold and rich flavors, and they still offer quite a bit of freedom when it comes to the overall taste of this drink. These are a fantastic partnering and a rather classic choice when talking about fine cigars. Quality of vodka will still need to play a part in the making of this drink given that this spirit will pair nicely with the bold flavors of the cigar. If you plan on pairing a martini with your cigars, consider adding stuffed olives to the mix. This will only make the indulgence of the two all the better!

Brandy & Cognac

Another classic drink to pair with a hand-rolled cigar will be brandy or cognac. These are extremely traditional because complexity with flavor is a common part of creating these spirits in the first place. Brandy is made from fermented fruit juice, giving it both a sweet and bold aroma and taste for you to enjoy. Because of the sweeter components in brandy, you find a delicate balance between the tobacco leaves and the drink that you’re sipping on. Cognac is a very specific type of brandy that has been known to pair nicely with cigars. So, if you’re a fan of brandy and you’re looking for that perfect pairing, consider purchasing cognac and see if this is the match you’ve been searching for.


If you’re not entirely sold on the idea of pairing spirits with cigars, wine is another option that you can take advantage of. As with most pairings that include wine, you’ll want to take flavor into consideration. Oliva cigars will offer the bold and rich flavors of the tobacco leaves, and for that reason, they are most commonly paired with red wines. We strongly suggest trying a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Pinot Noir. Finding your ideal dry, red wine and pairing it with an Oliva cigar is a guaranteed perfect match.

Try Oliva Cigars

If you have yet to find the perfect pairing, then maybe it’s time to try a new cigar. Oliva has created countless types of cigars, each offering a different experience and combination of flavors. If you’ve been sticking to one primary cigar, consider trying a different cigar that we have constructed and pairing it with your favorite drink. This could be exactly what you’ve been missing! Given that all Oliva cigars are created with quality in mind, you know that regardless of the cigar that you try you will be enjoying a flavorful, premium cigar each and every time.

Browse the list of vendors that carry Oliva cigars and find one that is close to you. Discovering the cigar that offers the flavors that you love is something that we enjoy being a part of. Learn more about the cigars that we have created and stop by the vendor closest to you to purchase and enjoy them