Three Things You Won’t See Regular Cigar Smokers Doing

Smoking cigars is enjoyable, and it’s something that having learned about the process of creating a quality cigar, you enjoy even more. When smoking cigars becomes something that you do on a routine basis, you learn more and more about how you can enjoy every component of the cigar. From the tobacco leaves used to the composition of the cigar, you want to make sure that each time you get to sit back, relax and smoke a hand-rolled cigar, that you’re making the most of it.

As with most things, cigar smoking has gained a following. Along the way, there have been many myths and suggestions shared that leave people believing that they are making the most of a cigar when in actuality they are ruining the cigar. Today, we’re going to touch on three specific things that you’ll see people do when they don’t smoke cigars routinely. At the end of the day, we hope that you learn more about how these three things can affect the overall flavor and composition of the cigar.

Breathing in the Smoke

When people think about smoking, whatever it may be, the first thing that they want to do is inhale the smoke. Though cigars are a tobacco product, they aren’t something that you’ll want to inhale the smoke of. When a cigar is created there are three things that are taken into consideration: the smell, taste and overall resonance of the cigar.

The flavor that has been selected for a reason. So, when you have the time to enjoy a cigar, don’t appreciate the flavor through the smoke. Rather than inhaling the smoke of a lit cigar, take in the taste of the tobacco leaves by letting that flavor sit in your mouth. Inhaling the smoke here and there is inevitable, but don’t focus primarily on inhaling the cigar smoke.

Puffing on the Cigar too Often

While we’re talking about the inhalation of smoke while enjoying a cigar, it’s absolutely crucial that we talk about puffing on a cigar and whether or not this is being done correctly. Puffing is the more common way of enjoying the flavor of the tobacco leaves and inhaling some smoke here and there. Though puffing on a cigar is the best way to enjoy the various flavors included in a cigar, there is such a thing as puffing too often.

When you puff a cigar too often, you risk overheating the cigar. Though this may not seem like a huge deal, it could alter the flavor of the cigar and lead to a more bitter taste than what was intended. When it comes to puffing on a cigar, we suggest waiting at least 30 seconds in between puffs so that you give the cigar some time to cool down. Aside from there being a chance of the cigar overheating, puffing too often lessens your ability to enjoy the cigar as much as possible. When talking about hand-rolled cigars, you know that the flavors you’re going to be enjoying are bold ones. Rather than puff on the cigar constantly, take time to truly enjoy the variety of flavors rolled into this premium cigar.

Dipping the Cigar in Alcohol

Spirits and cigars go together beautifully, and we won’t deny that! One of the traditions that we find silly, however, is the dipping of a cigar in alcohol. While this tradition has been around for quite some time, it all started because cigars were lacking moisture. The dipping of the cigar was intended to provide the cigar with some added moisture and a touch of flavor. These days, however, moisture is rarely an issue that cigar smokers need to worry about.

With tools like humidifiers that can keep a cigar nice and moist through the storing process, a lack of moisture is rarely a problem. When talking about this ritual in regards to flavor, there is also no need for additional flavor when you’ve invested in a high-quality cigar. So many of the premium cigars, including Oliva cigars, have incredible tobacco leaves that are aged to perfection included in their cigars. These tobacco leaves are grown, cared for, and watched closely so that they are able to create luxury cigars. That being said, dipping a cigar with this much flavor and care put into it, into a glass of alcohol is a sure way to counter and ruin the unique flavor of the cigar.

Enjoy an Oliva Cigar

Oliva cigars are luxury cigars that are made for cigar smokers of all levels. Whether it’s your first cigar or you’re looking for a hand-rolled cigar to celebrate a moment, Oliva cigars are a fantastic brand to turn to. We know that cigar smoking can quickly become a passion and we promise that our high-quality cigars will be there for you always. Check out the list of vendors to find one close to you! Using the tips above and enjoy our Oliva cigars to their extent.