Touching Up a Cigar When it Isn’t Burning Correctly

Cigars are the perfect form of tobacco when it comes to celebrating big events or sitting back with a close friend. Luxury cigars go beautifully with quality conversations from close friends or family. When you’re enjoying small puffs from your cigars, you may notice that the burn begins to slow down. Now, this might be on one particular side, or you might see the entire cigars start to slow down in terms of the burning. The good news is, all it needs is a little touch-up.


Premium cigars are going to burn in the most natural way possible, and if you have an uneven burn, there is no way that it’s going to catch up on the opposite side. Rather than continue to let the cigar burn unevenly, spend a few minutes to touch it up so that it burns evenly on both sides. The good news is, this is incredibly easy to do, and it doesn’t require you to sacrifice any of the tasty cigar that you’re smoking.

Locate the Burn of the Cigar

The first thing that you’ll want to do is determine where the cigar is still burning. If this is uneven, this could be in different locations on each side. You will want to choose the side of the cigar that has burned further than the other. This will often be less than ¾ of an inch from the part that is burning, but that amount is going to make all the difference in terms of being able to catch up.

Get a Small Flame

Once you’ve located the cigar, you’re going to want to find a small flame that you can use to touch up the cigar. Aside from the flame being smaller, you want to make sure that you’re able to control it. Touching up a cigar can take a turn for the worst if you’re using a flame that’s too large or that you’re unable to control. Using your best lighter (if it offers a controlled flame) is a great way to touch up your cigar.

Burn the Difference

If you’ve found a lighter with a small flame and you’ve accounted for the difference in what has been smoked and what hasn’t been, it’s time to touch up the cigar. Take your controlled flame and start burning the part of the cigar that has not been smoked yet. This quick and easy step is what’s going to even out the rate at which your cigar is burning. It’s as simple as that!

Try an Oliva Cigar

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