How to Ship Cigars Safely

Cigars are one of the best items that you can gift to someone. While it’s preferred that you’re able to smoke the cigar with the person that you’re gifting it to, that’s not always the case. At times, you have prior engagements that keep you from attending a celebration or the person that you want to share a cigar with the most is miles away. Rather than miss out on the chance to gift a cigar, find a way to safely ship them the cigar without risking the flavor.


Oliva is known for providing luxury, hand-rolled cigars that are truly the cherry on top of an already great celebration. If you’re going to be gifting a loved one or a close friend with our premium cigars, then it truly is important that you are shipping them in a manner that won’t sacrifice their flavor. Today, we’re going to cover a few of the techniques that you can use to ensure that your Oliva cigars arrive safely and in prime condition.

Leave the Cellophane

The most important part of shipping the cigars and keeping them in quality condition is going to be the cellophane. This outer wrapper keeps the cigar separated from the others that you’re shipping. If you’re going to be shipping various types of cigars than this becomes even more important.


Even if you are shipping the same cigars, leave the cellophane on. When cigars are being sent it is extremely likely that they will wind up rubbing on one another and either tobacco flavors will be transferred, cigar flavors will be ruined, or the actual composition of the cigar will be affected. To avoid the chances of everything that we just mentioned, keep the cigars in their cellophane wrapper.

Never Ship Them Loose

The next piece of advice that we’re going to give you is that you never ship your cigars while they are loose. Even placing them in a bag so that they are all grouped together does absolutely no good because they can still be ruined. In order for your cigars in bulk, without ruining them, you need to ensure that they are tightly wrapped.


Get a bag that is just a little bit larger than the number of cigars that you have. A large ziplock bag will do just fine. Once you’ve placed all of the cigars inside, line them up so that they meet up with one another. Now that they’re all uniform, wrap the remaining plastic bag around them so that they are kept tight. This may require you to fold parts of the bag, but the idea is to make the package nice and compact.


After you’ve done that, tape the plastic so that it doesn’t shift and the compactness of this wrapping remains throughout the shipping. Now you have a tightly wrapped package that will make its way to the final destination without any cigars being ruined.

Find the Right Packaging

Now that you have your cigars tightly wrapped and you know that they aren’t going to get ruined by rubbing on one another and have a minimal chance of breaking, it’s time to get the packaging ready. You are going to want to find the smallest box available that will also account for the number of cigars that you’re sending.


Think about how tightly we’ve just wrapped those cigars — you want to keep the idea of compactness going. Sincerely, this concept is what’s going to provide you with the best way to avoid any damage to the cigars.


On another note, the size of packaging is greatly going to depend on the number of cigars that you’re shipping. If you’re only planning on sending a small number of cigars, then you may be able to utilize the various shipping envelopes that are available at post offices and could fit this amount of cigars snuggly. You would still be taking into consideration all of the points that we’ve listed thus far in doing so.


Looking at large quantities of cigars, on the other hand, may require you to make some adjustments. Finding the right size of packaging to carry them all is one of them, but you may need to take it back one step in order to ship them in a safe manner. Primarily, consider breaking down the number of cigars that you’re shipping into separate bags. Try to place no more than 10-15 cigars in a plastic bag so that they are tight, and then add these individual bags into the packaging. The more cigars that you place into a plastic bag, the less tight the cigars will be in their shipping.

Tape the Cigars

Regardless of the size of the box, we always suggest taping the bag of cigars to the bottom of the box. This keeps them from moving around while they’re being shipped. From the moment that you take the package to the post office to the location that you’re sending these cigars to, that box is going to be moved quite heavily. By taping the cigars to the bottom, you avoid all chances of them shifting in their travels.

Add Shipping Protection

Once you’ve got a bag of cigars taped to the bottom, you’ll want to add some shipping protection. Whether you choose to add packing peanuts, printer paper, newspaper or the like, make sure that there is enough protection to keep the cigars tightly packed. This will also ensure that if they do come loose throughout the shipment, they’re not going to be shuffling much afterward.

Add a Nice Note

Cigars truly are meant to be a part of celebrations, a relaxing moment, a friendship, and the like. If you’re shipping your cigars to someone because you’re unable to share this at the time, then we always suggest sending a note. Oliva cigars specifically are a treat to be shared, and though the gesture of sending them is incredibly thoughtful, there’s nothing better than enjoying a few handwritten words from someone that you care about. Top this package off with the words that will properly compliment these cigars, seal the package, and you’re set!

Final Note: Shipping Laws

One of the final notes that we want to make sure to touch on are the laws associated with shipping tobacco. There are federal regulations that keep you from shipping most tobacco products. Cigars, however, are available for domestic shipping. The catch here is that you need to make sure that you’re shipping these cigars through USPS. UPS will not be able to ship any tobacco products without proof of a license. If you have a license, feel free to use whatever carrier is most convenient, but otherwise head on over to your local USPS store.

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Now that you know exactly how to ensure that your cigars make it to their final destination safely, it’s time to purchase the best cigar on the market. Oliva cigars can be found in various locations, so find one that’s close to you and share the historical, bold flavors of the Cuban tobacco plant. Each plant is grown from Cuban tobacco seeds, in the ideal climate of Nicaragua. Aged to perfection, we only utilize the best tobacco leaves in our hand-rolled cigars.


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