Tips for Storing Your Cigars

Whether you’ve been gifted cigars or you’re recognizing the delicacy of having cigars on hand, one of the factors that you need to be conscious of is how you’re planning to store your cigars. At Oliva Cigars, we know that the quality of a cigar will be comprised of a few different things. From the ingredients that are used to the process of constructing the cigar, we do our absolute best to ensure that each Oliva cigar is created with quality above all else. That being said, once the cigars are in your hand, it’s up to you to store them correctly to enjoy them at their best.

Humidity Benefits Cigars

One of the first things that you need to recognize about the storing of cigars is that humidity can be extremely beneficial for the flavor. The ideal storage container should allow for 70 percent humidity. There are so many different reasons that humidity makes a difference on the quality of your cigar.

Humidity Affecting the Cigar

The first point we’re going to touch on is the effect of too much moisture on the construct of a cigar. The filler, binder, and wrapping of a cigar will all be affected when there is too much moisture in the area that it’s stored in. If you’re familiar with cigars, then you know that we have just mentioned every single part of the cigar, meaning that too much moisture will require you to toss it.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have been storing your cigar in a room that is too dry, then there is a chance that you can add moisture back into the cigar. The catch with this is that you are going to have to watch it very closely so that you don’t end up with an overly damp cigar — as we just mentioned. Start by adding the cigars into a humid area and keeping a close watch on them for roughly six months. This ensures that the moisture is slowly added back into the cigar and that the composition is intact throughout the process.

Drying a Damp Cigar

If your cigar is too moist, there is a chance that you can dry it out. This tactic, however, will greatly depend on how damp the cigar is. When a cigar is exposed to too much moisture, the cigar will expand because it is accounting and holding all of the additional moisture in the air. That being said, when you go to dry out a damp cigar, the body of the cigar is going to shrink, the wrapper will be loose and could rip, and the composition of the cigar itself will fall apart when you attempt to smoke it. For that reason, we do strongly suggest proper storing when it comes to your cigars.

Room Temperature Storage

While humidity may be one of the factors that benefit the flavor of a cigar, the temperature that it’s being stored at won’t differ too much. Storing your cigars at room temperature, roughly 68 to 70 degrees, is completely fine. You will, however, want to ensure that the humidity is still there to provide for the cigars while they’re being stored. That means that whether or not you choose to store them in your study or lounging area, as long as you’ve figured out a way to manage the perfect level of humidity, you should be fine.

If you do wind up having to store your cigars in a room that is above or below the 68 to 70-degree temperature that we suggest, then you will have to account accordingly for the humidity. The suggested adjustment is to add one degree of humidity for every degree of temperature that you lose, and visa versa. If you increase in temperature, drop one degree of humidity. This ensures that there is balance with the temperature and humidity that your cigars are stored in.

Discover Oliva Cigars

When you’ve invested in the humidifier or storage cases to help you keep your cigars fresh and flavorful, find a location that can provide you with the delicious Oliva cigars. We have a large selection of vendors across the United States that can help you find the perfect premium cigar for your taste. Learn more about how we started as a company and the composition of our cigars today!