Tips on Developing Your Cigar Palate

As with most things, it can be easy to find the one cigar that you like and stick to it. As the saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken? If you’ve found a cigar that you like, congratulations! It’s exciting to find the brand and blend that you absolutely love. We do, however, challenge you to expand this palate so that you can continue to experience and enjoy other premium cigars.

Why Expand Your Palate

Now, there are certainly some stubborn individuals out there that are wondering why they need to expand their palate if they’ve already found a cigar that they enjoy. Of course, it’s great that you were able to find a cigar that you like, but there are so many great reasons why should make the necessary efforts to try new cigars.

Your Taste Evolves

Whether you’re new to smoking cigars or you’ve been doing it for decades, you know that there are certain cigars that are known for being the ideal beginner cigar. Now, if you have been smoking cigars for years, can you imagine having stopped at this beginner cigar? You’ve likely tried quite a few cigars since you’ve started smoking and it’s likely that they’ve only improved with time. This is because your taste evolves.


If you stick to one single cigar, rather than expanding your palate, you could wind up missing out cigars that speak to a more mature palate and are inevitably more enjoyable. For that reason, we do suggest branching out from those beginning cigars.

Different Flavors to Try

Cigars may have very similar compositions and are made from tobacco leaves, yes, but each and every cigar is going to be different from the next. Expanding your palate will allow for you to try cigars that are made from tobacco leaves in Cuba, Nicaragua, the United States, and a handful of other places. By expanding your palate, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of flavors, styles, and cigars.

Benefits to a Mature palate

Expanding your palate and trying out different cigars is a benefit for various reasons, some of which we’ve mentioned above. You’re able to enjoy more cigars, you can figure out what you like, etc. It goes beyond this, however. Keep reading to see a few of the ways that you’ll benefit from expanding your palate.

Noticing Notes in the Flavor

When people talk about smoking a cigar and the flavor that they’re enjoying, you’ll hear them mentioning notes within that flavor. This is often because they have a palate that can recognize those notes when given the opportunity. For others with less mature palates, these flavors will still be there, but there will be much less appreciation for what it is that they’re smoking.


If you’re wanting to develop your passion for cigars, then developing your palate is a must. It’s the one way that you can truly break down the flavor of the cigars that you’re smoking and differentiate them from one another.

You Gain Knowledge

The only way for you to develop an extensive knowledge of cigars is by trying an extensive amount of cigars. With an extensive palate comes an understanding of cigars that goes beyond the surface. When you meet individuals who are knowledgeable on cigars and want to share their opinion with you, you know that they’ve tried quite a few cigars in order to come to the conclusion that they’ve reached. In order to become a resource to others, you must first experience the vast amount of cigars that there are available.

Pairing is Easier

Finding perfect pairs for cigars is only possible if you really understand the flavors that you’re going to be enjoying. Without an extended palate, it becomes extremely difficult to find something that will match the flavors you’re about to enjoy through the cigar. Whether you’re a whiskey drinker or a wine fanatic, there are plenty of beverages that mesh well with the notes in a cigar, and by extending your palate, you can become a resource on all pairings.

Tips to Help Expand Your palate

If you’re convinced that expanding your palate is exactly what you need to be doing after reading about the benefits, keep reading. We’re going to cover a few of the tips that can help make this next step of expanding your taste with cigars a little bit more fun.

Try the Opposite

In the case that you’re someone who has found a specific cigar that you enjoy, we suggest trying the complete opposite. The spectrum of cigars is so large that you’ll notice a big difference between the light and dark cigars, but it’s something you’ll only notice once you’ve tried it. The same can be said about light and heavy bodied cigars. The point being, you’re never going to know what you like if you don’t give yourself the chance to try it.

Ask a Friend

If you have friends that also enjoy smoking cigars, it’s always worth asking them what they would suggest. Word of mouth is always a great way to find something new and when it comes to cigars, hearing what a friend enjoys can give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. When you ask your friend what they suggest, make sure to ask what types of cigars they enjoy. This will give you an idea of what type of cigar you’re going to be getting ahead of time.

Work on Pairing

When you’re stuck in a rut of finding the next best cigar, working on pairings can be a great way to spike some creative juices. Cigars are paired perfectly with various spirits, wines, and beers. Each of these pairings compliments the flavors in the cigar and can make for an overall great experience. When you’re really looking to try something new, there’s nothing wrong with making a pairing of it.

Check Reviews

Cigar reviews are extremely common, and there are quite a few people that take the time to give a thorough review. If you’ve had your eyes on a cigar but you want to learn a little bit more before committing, looking at reviews is a great way to do this. Not only will you be able to see what a fellow smoker says about the cigar, but you’ll be able to set realistic expectations of the cigar before you purchase it.

Try Different Occasions

Certain cigars are made for big occasions. When you’re purchasing your next cigars, ask the team member working at the store what type of cigar they would suggest for your event. The flavors of the cigar can greatly contribute to the atmosphere and mood of an event, similar to choice in spirits. This could also help you extend your taste in cigars.

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