Different Types of Humidors You Can Invest In

How you store a cigar plays a big part in the flavor and construct of the cigar when you come around to enjoying it. Because of the tobacco leaves that are used to make a hand-rolled cigar, the temperature and humidity levels that these cigars in will not only risk them becoming overly moist or dry but ruining the flavor in the process. We’ve covered the effects of storage on cigars in a previous blog post, and gave you a few tips on how you can ensure that your cigars are being properly stored. One of the ways that you could manage humidity levels was through a humidor, or something similar.

Humidors, and like products, are frequently used by cigar smokers to ensure that the premium cigars that have been purchased remain in good condition until the time comes to smoke them. Oliva cigars are made from Cuban seeds in the welcoming temperatures of Nicaragua, making our tobacco plants exceptional for the cigars that we make. That being said, it’s crucial that you have some type of device available for storing if you’re not going to smoke these cigars immediately.

A Thorough Look at the Pieces of a Humidor

Understanding the significant differences between the humidor devices that are available is the first step to purchasing the device that will work best for you. Today we’re going to break down the options that are available so that you know exactly what to choose when you start looking. Let’s start by covering all of the different pieces of a humidor so that you can understand why these devices are so valuable to cigar storage.


The humidor itself is something that you’ve likely seen. These are extremely common devices when discussing the storage of cigars. Humidors are boxes that are usually very elegant in appearance. They have been composed so that they can provide the ideal storage space for your cigars. Each piece of the humidor has been thought through so that it is able to manage not only the area that the cigars are stored in but the humidity and temperature levels that they’re exposed to while stored. To many, when you see a humidor, you see a box that looks absolutely beautiful and will offer you an excellent way to present cigars, but it’s so much more than that. For that reason, we’re going to cover the various pieces that can be found when you open a humidor and how they benefit the storing of your hand-rolled cigars.


As we’ve mentioned, the levels of humidity that the cigars are stored in will drastically change the flavor and construct that you experience when you go to smoke the cigar. This is, of course, less than ideal when you’ve found cigars that have been made with quality through and through. For that reason, a hygrometer is placed inside of a humidor. This piece will tell you the level of humidity within the humidor so that you’re able to determine if you need more or less humidity for ideal levels within the humidor.


Temperature is equally as important to the storage of cigars, and for that reason, there is a thermometer that you’ll find in your humidor. The ideal storage container should be no higher than 72 degrees at any point in time. Any higher and you risk the chance of spoiling the flavor of the cigar. The thermometer in the humidor is so that you can maintain the temperatures throughout the storing process.


The entire purpose of having a humidor is to ensure that the humidity levels your cigars are stored in is maintained. So, as you may have anticipated, a humidifier is something that you will find when you look at the inside of your humidor. These are going to be smaller humidifiers but will do the same as your standard sized humidifiers. With just a pinch of water added to the humidifier, you can help maintain the humidity levels inside of the box so that your cigars remain at the ideal humidity.

Spanish Cedar Lining

A majority of the humidors that you purchase to store cigars are going to be lined with Spanish cedar. This specific type of wood is used to help maintain the levels of humidity within the humidor that you’re using. Because of how absorbent this wood is, it can help balance the moisture levels that are building up within the box so that it’s not too much, and not too little.

Tray & Divider

The last part that we’re going to mention is pretty straightforward, the tray and the divider. Both of these pieces are going to be used to ensure that storage is kept nice and tight for the cigars that are in the box. The tray is used to hold the cigars in the box while the divider is used to separate them throughout the storage time. If you have various types of cigars that you’re storing, this is precisely what you need to keep them separated.

Types of Humidors

Now that we’ve broken down the different pieces that make up a humidor, we’re going to touch on a few of the different types of humidors that you can choose from when you’re in the market to find a new storage device. The great thing about this product is that they’ve made it in so many different styles that it’s effortless to find a box that will take care of your needs. Keep reading to discover some of the different types of humidors that you can purchase for storing cigars.

Travel Humidor

If you’re on the go, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the cigars you’re smoking. Travel humidors make it possible for you to enjoy anywhere from two to 10 cigars without sacrificing the flavor. These little guys are easy to travel with or keep in your home, the great part is that they’re incredibly light, so it’s not bad to travel with them at all!

Standard Humidor

Humidors will come in various sizes, but the more common size is going to be your standard desktop humidor. Depending on the size of the cigar that you’re is going to be stored, there are a few different factors to take into consideration. For starters, the size of the desktop humidor that you purchase is going to allow for varying amounts of cigars. You will also have to consider the shape and size of the cigars that you’re smoking.

Though desktop cigars are extremely common, you want to do a little bit of research before you commit to one right off the bat. Figure out which is going to cater to your needs and preferences above all else.

Humidor Cabinet

For areas where smoking a cigar is an excellent way to top off the time spent, you may find a humidor cabinet. These are common in places like golf courses and high-end restaurants. Making it easy for these businesses to have up to 5,000 cigars on hand, these humidors ensure that the cigars that you’re enjoying are being maintained properly.

Room Humidor

Larger humidors are known for storing larger quantities of cigars. A room humidor is intended to provide storage for hundreds to thousands of cigars and is the largest version of a humidor that you’re likely to find. These rooms are most common in locations where cigars are being sold, but ensure that all levels of temperature and humidity are accounted for.

Oliva Cigars

When it comes to cigars, Oliva knows the absolute best way to compose them. Over the years our family has dedicated their lives to perfecting the composition and flavor of the premium cigars that we offer. When it comes to storing them, a humidor is a great way to ensure that they remain in top condition until you’re able to smoke them. Check out the list of vendors that provide you with the opportunity to purchase a cigar. We hope to be a part of your next big celebration.