Holiday Cigar Gift Guide

Gifting a cigar for the holidays is always a good choice, especially when you’re doing this for someone that you know is passionate about cigars. We’ve recently written a blog post about a few of the ideas that you can get for individuals who love cigars, but today we really want to focus in on the various things that you should take into consideration as you purchase gifts for them.

Cigars are made from various different companies, and they are all made from different tobacco leaves. Each of these elements makes them different from the next, and they all contribute to whether or not someone enjoys a cigar. As someone that’s purchasing a cigar as a gift, you may not be fully aware of what the preferences of the recipient are as you go about shopping. That being said, understanding what you should be prepared to take into consideration before you purchase any cigars is a must. Keep reading to find a few of the things that we suggest taking into account.

One Cigar Can Be Enough

Often times, when people are considering giving a cigar as a gift, they feel that they need to purchase multiple cigars to really make the gift worth it. This is, however, not the case. Large quantities of cigars can be incredibly overwhelming as a gift and without knowing what it is that the recipient enjoys, can wind up being a whole lot of cigars that they don’t entirely enjoy.

We strongly suggest trying to purchase one individual cigar that is going to be enjoyable for every moment that they’re able to smoke it. Premium cigars can come at a higher price, but they’re worth every penny! Oliva cigars, for example, are known for being hand-rolled and providing the smoker with the complex flavors and composition that all quality cigars are known for. It only takes one of these quality cigars to make a great gift.

Unique Cigars Make Good Gifts

As with all gifts, a cigar that can tell a story is one that most people will enjoy and be thankful to receive. There are plenty of unique cigars that have a story to offer and selecting one of those cigars is another excellent option that you have when it comes to finding a great gift.

The thing that you need to consider about this option, however, is that it takes a little bit more time to find a cigar with a unique story than it does to find your stereotypical cigar. If you want to take an approach that leaves you with a more unique cigar, one that has a story, then you’re going to have to find the time to visit a store that offers a wide variety of cigars and can provide you with some background information on the cigars that they do have. This could, ultimately, become an extremely fun process for you to enjoy and share with the individual that you’re going to be gifting the cigar to.

Specific to the Holiday

Flavored cigars aren’t something that we always suggest, but there are holiday cigars that make an appearance when the time of year comes around. Finding the cigars that were made to commemorate a specific holiday, year, or celebration is another fun gift to give someone. These cigars are often made in smaller amounts, making them extremely unique as a gift and somewhat of a limited edition. For that reason, it’s always fun to pick up these types of cigars when you find them and gift them to someone who can appreciate the novelty of them.

Cigars From Different Locations

Tobacco leaves can be grown around the world, and they are! Some cigars are made from various places in the world, each of them providing the cigar with a different flavor than the next. Oliva cigars, for example, are made from tobacco plants that use Cuban seeds and are planted in Nicaragua. The combination makes for a plant that offers the complex flavors that cigars are known for, in an area where they can thrive throughout the growing process.


If you are giving a gift to a cigar fanatic that enjoys visiting different places and can appreciate the unique accents that each plant has to offer. Finding different brands that offer flavors from different countries can take some research but can be extremely rewarding and yield different cigars that you may have never tried otherwise. It’s certainly something that we suggest giving to an avid cigar smoker.

Accessories that Match

We’ve touched a lot on the different types of cigars that you can take into consideration, but those aren’t the only gifts that you should consider giving. There are quite a few cigar accessories that also make for incredible gifts for any avid cigar smoker. In our holiday blog post, we touched on a few of them including the humidor, lighters, ashtrays, gift sets and the like. These are all fantastic gifts for the holidays.

The good news about these different accessories is that they offer all of the same variations as the cigars that we’ve touched on. You can find accessories from all different types of categories. For individuals that love to travel, you can find both humidors, lighters, and ashtrays that take travel accommodations into their design. You can also find historic accessories that individuals who appreciate a little bit of history with their cigars. As we said, there are so many different variations that you can find that will sweep the recipient off their feet.

If you’re going to be gifting one memorable, high-quality cigar, you can add one of these unique accessories to make the gift even more special. Creating a theme with these items you’re gifting is a way to personalize the gift even more and bulk it up a bit more.

Provide a Piece of History

Cigars have been around for hundreds of years. Though this is the case, not all companies have been around for quite as long. This can affect the composition and quality of a cigar in ways that many people aren’t even aware of. If you look into some of the original cigar brands that are still around, you’ll find that they are now considered to be premium, high-end cigars. The reasoning behind this is that they are the only brands that continue to focus on the original practices that were known to create some of the best cigars around.

If you are going to be giving a gift to someone that genuinely appreciates cigars and enjoys them for everything they were once created on, providing them with a cigar that was made by a company that has been around for quite some time is a great gift to give. Oliva Cigars has been passed along throughout the family. Aside from ensuring that the values remained true through and through, we are able to ensure that our cigars are made with all of the historical components in mind.

From the growing process to the hand-rolling of each individual cigar, Oliva cigars are created with enjoyment as the sole purpose. Our cigars are made for sharing with close friends, celebrating with family, and taking a moment to slow down and savor the little things. Browse the different vendors that offer Oliva cigars and allow for us to be the gift that your loved one enjoys the most.